April 27, 2017

Documentation Platform The possibilities of these methods work effectively with a limited fleet. As an alternative means for process automation Documentation weighing about platform can be installed terminals with a keyboard. The driver, from the cab, can bring the machine identification code and password. The car is identified by its number and weighing result is automatically entered into the database. Setting the weights. The first step is to install truck scales manufacturing base. The foundation of electronic scales is reinforced concrete trough. On the square where is placed a platform scale, the thickness of the concrete layer is 30-40 cm in places where the sensors will be installed, placed poles, leaving the depth of soil freezing in winter, which prevents subsidence platform over time. Ramps for entering the car on the platform are also carried out concrete. Under a layer of concrete have layers of sand and gravel in accordance with survey work, carried out on site. Procedure setting the foundation takes approximately 6 weeks. During this time the build foundations and hardening of concrete. In some cases, used as a foundation of reinforced concrete slabs, which is performed with much less time costs. Shipping weight. Shipping weight platform on-site by road or by rail. Multisection scale transport is easier, because the length of modules weighing 2.5-3 tons is from 5 to 8 meters. One-scales are transported by car only short distances for specialized transport and long distance - by rail. Calibration and verification of weights. Once the platform scales delivered to the installation site, begins to build. The sensors are mounted on special mortgages elements, which are enshrined in the foundation. Sections interlock, one after the other and sink to the sensors. Being mounted electrical connection to the terminal. Terminal weights may be in a separate heated room and be removed from the platform at a distance of tens of meters depending on the interface connection. Established as special accessories - lights, automatic identification equipment and so on. After these operations, the Executive carries out the procedure for calibrating the weights using the standard cargo-pig or vesopoveryayuschih special machines. Leading Russian manufacturers have their own reference goods, which shall, if the mounting location is in your home and neighboring regione.Firma 'tensor' from Rostov certified bezgirny vesopoverochny STD.BP complex, which is delivered on-site balance on the car. After the calibration procedure is performed calibration weights in the presence of state verification. In Later, during the operation, scales, intended for commercial weighing, must undergo the process of checking once a year.
Internet Credit Banks always make decisions based on economics, not relationships (no matter what your banker tells you). Eligibility for a merchant account varies between banks, but generally will bancose on the following criteria: How long have you been in business? Business longevity suggests a history of stability, efficient management and good financial health. What is your product or service? Is your product lends itself to a high rate of returns and Chargebacks? A chargeback is a disputed charge on the credit card that is returned to buyer and from its account. You are accessed a chargeback fee that can be as much as $ 20 per event. If your business lends itself to high chargebacks, you will not get a merchant account. How is your report credit? Banks always look at how much you owe and paying their bills, so it is important to have good financial and trade references. If you have a history of late payments or defaults of suppliers, count against you. What is your anticipated volume of sales and average transaction amount? The more money you earn, the more money the bank makes. If you anticipate that only a few credit card charges a week may not be sufficient to justify the merchant account in the eyes of the bank. Is your business classified as a dealer in "high risk?" High risk merchants are those with the highest levels of credit card fraud and chargebacks. The high-risk merchants include many types of Internet-based businesses, telemarketers, travel and cruise companies, and membership clubs. Being a high risk merchant drastically reduces your chances of getting a merchant account with a bank. Being a high-risk merchant does not mean that you can not get a merchant account elsewhere. With the growth of electronic commerce in recent years, a number of alternative companies that will provide a merchant account, sometimes with more advantages than a traditional, but often with higher rates. Moreover, not all banks support Internet merchant accounts. If yours does not, shop around for one that does.