May 08, 2017

Musings From 1001 Nights - Part 2 Sequel of reverie - in the land of the eternal Sun... It's been a very long time, finally her awaited dream can find its continuation. In the evening, she snuggles up in their warm springs and it takes too long until she dreamed of her North African Tuaregs. Many sunny days have moved since the first encounter at the pond of the small oasis in the country and she can think more of nothing than on this wonderful kiss. Their heart all favorite has no longer see them since that time. Also don't know where he is you and what keep him away for business from his large family. Since they unfortunately the language still not all to can understand well, is a relevant information to get it its not possible, so she must practice patience and only in thought she can be with him. She know exactly one day he is back in stock and all biggest passion will come true to you. Until then will learn diligently this foreign language, so that she understand then also his words and not only his gestures. So This is often in life, a sunny hot day chasing the next and the time flies so infinitely quickly across the country, that could be a scary. For more information see this site: Lakshman Achuthan. But it is, so and it has also its advantage, because suddenly she saw him ride at dusk over the sand dunes. Her heart seemed overjoyed to shatter virtually and all the long days of our lives was blown away. Jim Rogers has firm opinions on the matter. That evening she got a bite of the delicious meal down with excitement. She wanted only one thing, that the Sun would soon disappear on the horizon and the darkness of the night across the country would be. She was one of the first that arose from the campfire and disappeared into the tent of the girls. Just a thought I was in her Hall head how to get unnoticed in the place where it all began. Their preparations for a secret bathroom trip were quickly done and she made herself with beating heart on the way to the cool waters. This time it was not the first, no, he awaited them on the edge of the small pond. And when she saw him, she was so full Feelings of happiness, that it almost could be heard. For several minutes, they were just speechless in the poor and both felt the heartbeat of the other. It was a beautiful feeling, that need no words. But then he started to tell her though she still always understand everything, she felt so much goodness and love, in the warm sound of his voice from his experiences of the last few weeks that her happy cheeks tears. Almost to the early morning, they sat together closely entwined and conversed. He told from his out of her life and she and both had the feeling...
Eurogroup And it is that the unfreezing of the bottoms, that cover the needs with financing of the country until September, has been possible after Greece has met the conditions that to him the EU imposed. In particular, the approval in the Greek parliament this week of the plan of adjustment for 28,000 million Euros agreed to with Brussels and the International Monetary Fund (the IMF). The package of measures approved it includes measures of saving and ascents of taxes, besides social cuts, and anticipates to collect about 50,000 million by means of privatizations. " The Greek authorities offered a firm commitment to adhere to the footpath of fiscal adjustments decided and to the agenda generating structural reforms of growth, that are component essential of our strategy to recover the fiscal sustainability and to safeguard the stability financiera" , it adds the official notice. The Eurogroup appeals in addition to all the Greek political parties to support " the primary targets and the political measures nail " of the program to assure an application " rigorous and rpida". They complete the second rescues the ministers of Finances of the zone Euro reviewed in addition the preparations for a second rescues destined to cover the needs with Greece until 2014. In this sense, they took note from the commitments expressed by banking organizations as far as his participation in the rescue, after the maintained informal negotiations in France and Germany with his respective banking sectors. " The modalities precise and the scale of the participation of the private sector and the additional financing of official sources will be determined in next semanas" , it has indicated Juncker. According to information spread by the athenian newspaper Ta Nea, the new rescue will be of 85,000 million Euros that will be added to 110,000 million granted in 2010. On the other hand, Greek prime minister, Yorgos Papandru, already had advanced that the number of the second rescues could suppose a payment " similar" to the first program of attendance of 110,000 million Euros. " We are speaking of an amount very, very grande" , it added Papandru. In the distribution of the second it rescues, 30% would come from the IMF (25,500 million) and the rest (59,500 million) of the zone Euro, from which 30,000 would come from the bank. Source of the news: The Eurogroup unblocks the fifth section from the first rescue to Greece, 12,000 million Euros