May 03, 2017

Decisionmaking When speaking of a group or team can take different types of decisions, according to the way that I do we obtain some advantages and disadvantages, the successful way of doing this is to observe the conditions prevailing at the time that the decision will be taken. Types of common decisions that we know are: imposition of the Chief, leader or Manager, majority, unanimity, consensus. Additional information at Chevron Corp supports this article. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of each: advantages of the decision under imposition: v use the power of the hierarchy can be an advantage. v If the person knows a subject in depth will save you time. v people can follow the idea if they come from a true leader. Disadvantages of the decision under imposition: v there is a possibility that there is a strong commitment of persons since not has requested an opinion. v is likely there is no clarity in the execution due to the lack of information and ideas. v motivation can wane. Advantages of the majority decision: v the people feel that they have been taken into account. v there is a greater chance of acceptance of an idea. Disadvantages of the majority decision: v it is possible that many aspects are not clear about the implementation of the idea. v can generate discontent by people who were against the idea. Advantage of the decision in unanimous form: v there is a total agreement on the idea and that incites the support for the development of the idea. Disadvantage of the decision in unanimous form: v possible is that people have not tested the idea with sufficient detail and have been left carried away by emotions, which can bring conflict in the future. Advantages of the consensus decision: v there is a clarity in ideas because they have taken enough time to explain in detail the aspects favorable and unfavorable, as well as strategies for their implementation. v the possibilities of commitment to people with the new idea can be large. v clear doubts. v generates knowledge. v there is greater conformism. Disadvantages of the decision consensual: v time reaching an agreement can be extended. v there is the possibility of not reaching an agreement. v is lost some level of authority to some extent. In summary form have seen the main aspects to be considered when making a decision, before you do need to have a deep meditation. To achieve an extraordinary decision-making capacity is essential to be inwardly convinced that idea, people with extraordinary triumphs develop a great capacity for intuition, which is able to anticipate problems and take sound decisions in the majority of cases, I'm happy, I'm Rico of Andrew Corentt book you will learn all the techniques to achieve mastery of his own lifethrough reading this book, you will develop the power of subconscious programming and in this way achieve everything you want to do this between the ability to make timely decisions equal that...
Carlos Alberto Sicupira The phrase ' ' brightness in olho' ' this on one to the entrepreneurs, Jorge Pablo Lemann, Marcel Telles and Carlos Alberto Sicupira owners of the Ambev, American Store and now Burger King American net of Fast Food with more than 11,350 points of sales in the investment fund world all bought by 3G pertaining to the trio. Observing ' ' brightness in olhos' ' of its collaborating futures, the three entrepreneurs had always formed victorious professionals in its companies who had collaborated of decisive form for the creation of a present enterprise empire in the whole world. This same phrase also guides some responsible ones for conscription of people and is unanimous in affirming that in first place if it must observe the brightness in the eyes of a person at the moment of the interview for job. He is when the candidate speaks on some subjects, that are evident ' ' brightness in olhos' ' , for example, it has people that she has the eyes shine when the subject is wage, another one when they find a challenge for the front, others when the subject is to help the company and others that do not shine for subject some they are there simply why they are obliged to have a job. The companies need people who if compromise to its objectives, want people that are made use to always innovate, make everything with attention not to have retrabalho, people who are moved by the passion to make well what they make. In Warlike music Boy of the Fagner singer has a stretch that he says that a man without its work does not have honor and without its honor if dies, if kills and of pra not to be happy, people whom ' has; ' brightness in olhos' ' they honor its profession and they search the balance between personal and professional life because they know that needs to be in better its been to deliver something more, to surprise the people, to cover that extra kilometer to arrive in the front! So that the people can feel themselves honored and happy with its work she is necessary that the companies construct to environments favorable to the people, recognizing its work, respecting and making if to feel one part all, of a bigger project. People with ' ' brightness in olhos' ' they are the ones that the companies want, know that it is through the innovations and new ideas brought for the comprometimento and devotion of these people who they go to congregate conditions to face the enormous competition of market, are these people whom guaranteed job has. The others perceive for what its eyes shine? We go to reflect on this! (Peter Pablo Galindo Morales is Technologist in Management, Postgraduate in Controladoria, Technician in Accounting and blogueiro).