May 17, 2017

International Standardization Organization Being that the pointers evaluate structure, process and result of the assistance given to the customer of the institution, according to DInnocenzo; Adami; Wedge (2006), we can observe: oIndicador of Estrutura or Insumos: It encloses physical area, human resources (number, type, distribution and qualification), material and financial resources, systems of information and technician-administrative normative instruments, support politician and conditions organizacionais. oIndicador of Process: Process of attendance, corresponding to the installment of the assistance according to technician-scientific, established and accepted standards in the scientific community on determined subject. Including recognition of disgnostic problems, methods, given diagnosis and cares? verifying quanti-qualitative aspects. oIndicador of Results: It corresponds to the consequences of the carried through activities, changes verified in the state of health of the patients, also considering related changes the knowledge and behaviors, as well as the satisfaction of the user and of on worker to the act of receiving and installment of the cares, respectively, that is, it measures the impact of the attendance, the satisfaction of the user, results gotten to the end of the attendance. Learn more at: Lakshman Achuthan. 2.3. MODELS OF EXTERNAL EVALUATION OF the QUALITY Throughout the passage of the study of the quality, several have been the considered models. Prizes of quality (European, Malcolm Baldrige and Nacional) and International Standardization Organization (ISO) are the models of external evaluation of the quality currently more used in the private companies and the public administration, as much in Brazil how much in the exterior. It has determined developed specific models for realities, as ' ' acreditao' ' in the area of the health. These different models can be used in the most different ways, adaptando themselves, thus, to the especificidades of the most varied surrounding organizacionais. (MALIK, SCHIESARI) the main objective of these models, general form, is the use of the tools and pointers providing security in the attendance given to the patient? assuring the quality of the service, the reduction of damages in all the process of rendering of services.
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