May 18, 2017

Profession The Hall Lady /-herrn Office Manager /-in who knows you not the Lady / the Lord in the Hall? Every worker /-in, to the Chief / to the supervisor wants or wants to, has to the your contact often and is no date was possible without them / him. In times of modern communication and technical possibilities, much has changed for her / him. Dates are established through appropriate data processing systems and no longer through a paper diary, she / he managed. Over the times, in which a Secretary /-cultivated by hand in the appointment calendar, phone calls arranged, accepted dictation and formulated, coffee cooked, led travel plans or protocols. Now it is at the present time Office Manager and must be in addition to the usual content of the training of the profession also knowledge from other areas. It is industry-specific or even staff of an economic nature - because the situations require it -. Only a few content reminiscent of the secretariat work of the past. The tasks of the Office Manager have become more diverse and also more demanding. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Lakshman Achuthan. Networked thinking, quick powers of deduction, foreign languages in times of globalization, business know-how, enforcement power, communication, conflict and cooperation, these are only a few tags, which today can be found in job advertisements. For seasoned professionals sometimes a challenge. A mountain to be climbed is for young new entrants/students. It applies to both: a stable learning follows after learning. New changing technologies, requirements or conditions still require the willingness and the desire to acquire knowledge. Numerous facilities are present on the market for this purpose. But how and what is the next step after the education / after a new start with a new supervisor? Here, personal coaching can provide good service by a third party. The situation that applies to master it, is jointly analysed and developed based on the possible resources. Through this Approach is laid the Foundation for the future and the successful way. Competent coaches / consultants who have extensive expertise, are here with help and advice and to provide appropriate methods. Contact: Ute Eichler individual support and consulting Eintracht road 76 51375 Leverkusen phone 0214-51552
Andreas Dienstbier: Best Training Platform Of Congress Of Rise Of The Congress of the College/BSA-Akademie in Mannheim takes place 'Rise of Congress' the German University as ideas on 25 and 26 October. With also the master's students will be Andreas Dienstbier from Welden in the vicinity of Augsburg. Andreas Dienstbier has after studying Bachelor of Arts"health management at the German University of prevention and health management (DHfPG) started to initiate the acquisition of his parental fitness business, that is linked to an indoor tennis court,. "" "With his studies master of Arts" prevention and health management, and selected focus on marketing and sales ", finance and controlling" he expands his skills consciously with regard to the strategic level, to get more ideas and competences. I aim to break down the old structures in our long-term operation to build high quality standards and to integrate", so Dienstbier. Rise of Congress' ideas as Andreas Dienstbier has this year chosen, the Congress of rise of"to visit, take there further technical input for his own work to the German University. We get paid by the own operating out of two training courses during the year. One is Congress, where an additional employee of our studios will come." This, more employees in a training operation for the discounted price of 49 euros can also participate on the two days of the Conference. KBS usually is spot on. Especially the main topic very says to him. "On this year's Congress about the subject will be rise people: Maker: markets ' turn, at which experts from the fitness - and service industry to explain what is needed for a sustainable success. So, for example, Klaus Kobjoll will be a highlight, which occasions was awarded his seminar hotel Schindlerhof, Nuremberg as best hotel of in Germany. Andreas Dienstbier referred to as a special the first thematic block on Congress Friday directly after the opening: as I am especially on it. Among other things due to Prof.