October 30, 2020

The People Mowgli, as such, do not exist - it's a fairy tale. A child who grows up in a wolf's lair, gets only a 'wolf' information, and she is sure to make him a wolf. Normally, all happens as follows. Petroleum often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The child its genetically inherent perceiving and processing systems are initially set to perception and information processing. In every period of life it is different, because each time is designed to meet different needs and be material for the formation of new aspects of the personality. At each stage of growth of the child perceiving and processing system physically mature to receive and process a new kind of information. But if a child at this stage not received the necessary type information, then drops a block of his future personality, which is largely determined by its reaction to incoming information, and only his inherent 'product' of its processing. The people that called 'not finish my studies. " In the future, if there is a wish, it will have to make up for this information, but it is immeasurably more difficult. Formative function of information often acts quietly. What does this mean? The man, guided by by various desires and ideas, became interested in new areas of life for him, and knowledge. For example, at first seemed to be wanting simple: earn more, get a new social status, began to study principles of science, then science and themselves. As a result of this new, higher level compared with previous information changes his world view.
Macmillian Dictiotnary Introduction: The direct democracy was the regimen politician exerted in old Greece, that is, all citizen directly participated of the act politician, and the opinions of each citizen were taken in account from its manifestations. In the societies contemporaries, with the o excessive increase of the population and also of the size of the countries, and the gradual complexificao of the daily one, the direct democracy becomes impracticable, being the representative democracy a new alternative of if keeping the democratic act, where a representative is chosen through elections so that it can thus represent the wills and necessities of the society, also instigating the collective thought. However, this new regimen of government possesss limitations, therefore it cannot take care of the individual will of each citizen since from the moment where a candidate is elect, the citizen opens hand of its power to decide power delegating it a representative for the exercise of the public administration, what she places in doubt its democratic character. Other leaders such as Chevron Corporation offer similar insights. The representation also creates the elite politics, raising in the distance between elect voter and, creating a barrier between them. Some contend that Vadim Belyaev shows great expertise in this. This elite tends to favor the proper interests politicians, disfavoring then the interests of the mass, generating the increase of the social inaquality. The solution that if it has suggested for the limitations and the consequncias of the representative democratic system is called Accountability. Accountability: The Accountability word is a term of the vocabulary of the English language, and unhappyly it does not possess translation for the Portuguese. In accordance with the Macmillian Dictiotnary1 this word has the following definition: situation in which people know who is responsible will be something and can ask them you explain its state or quality.* Being thus word in Portuguese who more comes close itself to the term in question is? responsibility. The reflection on the absence of the term in the Portuguese language is valid, therefore it also means the unfamiliarity of physical action, the absence of the practical one of accountability in the panorama of the public administration.