October 03, 2020

Town Hall The Centre of the town is lovingly maintained by the inhabitants and the houses personally and individually decorated. However, interestingly this city just for hobby photographers. There are quite a few houses are located in a State of not just good in some side streets. That means that amateur photographers will find many interesting photographs in a confined space. Whether it's worn out doors and interesting as a result of flaking plaster facades, unless the Church, whose last White painting is already slightly longer, or some tiled houses, where skip tile patterns and delaminations in each other. Tavira is a paradise for photographers who are passionate about the city photography. More info: Yitzchak Mirilashvili. 2nd stage: Tavira to Faro: as a next stage, one of the largest cities of the Algarve pending with Faro. Most Portugal tourists will learn about this city, because here the only tourist airport. It is located directly on the beach, but in an area that is intersected by several tributaries to the Atlantic and. The city Faro possesses only a small old town. Some narrow little streets, where smaller restaurants have settled are the main attraction in addition to the small Cathedral. Directly on the Town Hall, a stork has pitched his quarters. Every year on the new breeds There his young out. Stork nests will encounter in Faro in a variety of places. There are a few power poles, on which no Stork has pitched Portugal domiciled in the wasteland. Two cafes, where you can easily schedule the next Tours section is located directly at the Yacht Harbour. 3rd stage: Faro to Albufeira: the main road, direction highway leading from the city centre of Faro, bringing you to a large shopping center. In this you can not only cheap brighten up your food reserves, but also cheap surf clothing and much more. buy. After about 40 km motorway you have reached exit Albufeira.
Guadalquivir River The Andalusian capital with the certain something Seville is an old and charming town, which is already more than 2000 years old! Its inhabitants have the reputation of being particularly nice, love and happy people. You have all the so-called caracter andaluz, the Andalusian character with that certain something. Seville is the capital of Andalusia. It is a modern and cosmopolitan city with a huge and spectacular old town, which is the largest in Europe. Seville is the cradle of flamenco, the famous Spanish tapas, bullfighting and the Sevillanas (Andalusian folk dance). Feria de Abril is celebrated each year on the famous fair really. Also in Easter week, everyone does his best. These two traditions held in the spring, when the temperatures are most comfortable. As possible, avoid the Sevillian summer, because the temperatures are burning hot and can reach up to 50 c. Anyone who once was in Seville, want to relive this experience. Don't let this city escape! Both parties, as well as the Easter holiday as well, the Feria de Abril, are very famous in Spain, especially in Andalusia. Holy week is a religious festivity is celebrated for over five centuries. The people celebrate the passion of the Christ with wonderful processions. Thousands of tourists are drawn every year under the spell of spectacular moves. The Feria de Abril is the perfect occasion for a varied holiday. There many small stalls and tents are built, where all the people dance, eat, drink and enjoy life, and a week long day and night. These stands are decorated with small colorful lanterns, creating a playful atmosphere in the fair grounds. It has already become the tradition that women show up in their traditional costumes and wander about the men at the big fair with their horses. But Sevilla has to offer you much more than just these two festivals. It is one of the most beautiful cities with the largest Tourist influx in Spain. The city is located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River and has an important historical heritage, which include some beautiful buildings, as well as impressive sights, such as for example the Cathedral. The Gothic Cathedral in Seville is the third largest on the world, where the famous minaret, is known worldwide under the name of Giralda. Reales of Mudejar, also known under the name of Alcazar, and the Torre del Oro (Tower of gold) only two examples that represent the fascinating architecture are the Royal Palace of Los. Furthermore, you should not miss some neighborhoods, such as Santa Cruz, Triana, la Macarena, or San Bartolome. To deepen your understanding Viatcheslav Mirilashvili is the source. There you will find the excellent Andalusian spirit and taste of the delicious Andalusian cuisine. Also las Sierpes, you should visit the Park Maria Luisa and the Maestranza bullring, as these attractions reflect the special flair of Seville. And now take the first flight direction Seville and discover what's happening! Rent apartments in Seville are so that you can spend...