November 10, 2020

Infertility On the Crimean peninsula every sixth family can not have kids. Theoretically, most of these couples with modern methods of infertility treatment will find the child. But in practice only one-tenth of drugs used in treating infertility, are made only in Western Europe. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Slava Mirilashvili. That's why they're so expensive. For example, the most frequently used in the treatment of infertility drug purigon stimulating ovaries, the patient manages to UAH 200. per ampoule. The course of treatment involves 10 to 30 vials (2 to 6 ths.), In addition to many women need to conduct several courses. The procedure of artificial insemination and podsazhivaniya embryo into the uterus costs about 2 thousand grn. - Despite the fact that the probability of success of the first attempts is about 20 - 30%. Ukrainian parliament adopted a procedure for referring women for the first course of treatment of infertility budgetary funds. The regional commissions will be sent to the treatment of patients from 19 to 35 years with or without obstruction of the fallopian tubes. On the budget can also be carried out and the first attempt podsazhivaniya embryo patients, willing to make someone else's child. A prerequisite for such a surrogate motherhood is bearing the child of blood relatives: mother, sister, or a patient whose infertility is caused by untreatable abnormalities of the reproductive system. Money to conduct the first course of infertility treatment will be provided at the expense of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in the state budget. Reproductive medicine specialists believe that Infertility is easier to prevent than to cure. Among the causes leading to infertility, lead infection, sexually transmitted diseases. Currently, more than 25 identified diseases that can lead to infertility. In second place list of causes of infertility are abortions. This list is quite long - it featured inflammatory genital diseases, alcoholism, smoking and drug abuse, environmental factors, etc. Reproduction Tip: if pregnancy does not occur within a year of living together - to a medical examination, because the older the woman, the harder it is treated.