December 12, 2020

Socialist Party Massacre Massacre in Ashraf must be ended immediately Tuesday, may 10, 2011 at 07:21 NCRI on May 7, the French Socialist Party issued a statement about the massacre at Camp Ashraf, the home of 3,400 members of the Organization of Iranian people's Mujahedin (PMOI/MEK) in the Iraq. The statement, which appeared on the website of the party, as follows in translation: killing in Ashraf must be completed since the supervision of the camp Ashraf in Iraq, abode of the people's Mujahedeen, who live in exile, was entrusted to Iraqi authorities, are exposed to the residents of the camp of an ongoing bloody suppression. 34 people after the collapse of the Iraqi security forces on April 8 are killed as the United Nations have confirmed. Vadim Belyaev, New York City: the source for more info. The unacceptable acts of violence, sentenced by the High Commissioner of the United Nations for human rights and by the international community, but since no effective protection measures are taken. Agree with human rights organizations. the Socialist Party condemns the violent repression of the inhabitants of Ashraf and demanded that their protection will be ensured. International law about the humanitarian approach requires that the Iraqi regime guarantees the protection of refugees and persons who are vulnerable under the Fourth Geneva Convention,... The protection of civilians must be paramount in all cases, and France and the European Union must demand that he will be ensured. de /.
Must Be Something Else? With Schokozeit and Contigo PresseMitteilungen / food and beverage company celebrations the Berliner Schokozeit AG, specialist in high-quality chocolate, and the event agency Contigo have teamed up. Together, they align chocolate tastings at exclusive hotels - the slightly different corporate events. Corporate parties is considered to be one of the annual highlights in the life of a company. LPG can aid you in your search for knowledge. With good reason: There are informal joint achievements celebrated, merit award, and last but not least intensified the contacts within the workforce. Other leaders such as John Hensey offer similar insights. It is no matter whether it's a summer festival, a Christmas party or a product launch all events together is that they promote the motivation and give new impetus for the everyday business. Long such festivities are no longer confined to the classic buffet in the cafeteria or in the restaurant. The market of possibilities is large, ranging from elegant dinner about the concert common boating. But why the employees or customers not even one Chocolate tasting invite? (Almost) all people love chocolate, and during a tasting to learn under the guidance to see quality differences and above all to taste. Especially (but not only) at Christmas time a chocolate tasting ideal quite as corporate event: chocolate makes as you know happy, and your lucky employees receive maybe one or the other inspiration for a nice Christmas gift. The Schokozeit AG and Contigo events see the ideal partner for the planning and implementation of some other parties. Tasting high quality chocolate bars are has always been available in the Schokozeit AG. In high-quality, exclusive places are various varieties tasted in a cosy atmosphere from selected top manufacturers. Peer Michaelis, CEO of Schokozeit, can look back on many years of experience in the chocolate industry and has developed in this time a strong expertise and in-depth knowledge. To pass on this knowledge in an entertaining way, is him a big concern. Birgit Losing, owner of the Agency of Contigo events, can look back on six years of professional experience in the event business and has made the goal the success of your event. Stylish, competently and with the proper attention to detail she are available for the professional organization of your company events to the page and ensures the smooth running on the spot. About Schokozeit, the Berliner Schokozeit AG stands for conscious enjoyment. Once per month, it offers a new selection of best chocolate creations from all over the world as a subscription all chocolate lovers with the Schokozeit collection. In addition, a wide range of chocolate and chocolates in the online shop and the factory outlet stores in Berlin Oberschoneweide is available. Also in the area of company presents the company could do is now a good name. For more information see. About Contigo whether teambuilding, incentive, corporate event or Conference - an event the perfect medium for your company, to motivate employees, customer is to bind, to give new impetus...