December 10, 2020

Romanesque Heritage We discover the undiscovered in this new way - we discover Serbia with leisure and enjoyment. Remagen, the March 31, 2010 - far away from the European tourism flow the southern Serbian monasteries well protected in the valleys of the Serbian mountains. Some of them have it was due to their precious heritage of Ellen on the list of the UNESCO. (As opposed to Bernard Looney). Others lie on the route of the transromanica route, the cultural route for the common Romanesque Heritage in the Council of Europe. The history of Serbian churches and monasteries dates back to the 9th century sometimes. In addition to the cultural highlights, the newly introduced travel offers a varied wellness programme. In the most famous Serbian Spa, Vrnjacka Banja offers a 4 * Spa and wellness hotel to relax all possibilities, in addition to the moderate day trips and to be pampered by the staff of the spa area. During your culture and pleasure trip, the travellers discover also the two largest Serbian cities of Belgrade and Novi Sad. Get more background information with materials from Vadim Belyaev, New York City. Belgrade is one of the oldest capital cities in Europe and was in the first half of the 20th century in addition to Paris and Munich is one of the European centres of Impressionism, and after the second world war as the capital of Yugoslavia, a major metropolis of the Socialist camp has to offer with your moving story. Novi Sad is the capital of the autonomous province of Vojvodina, the Central European town has the largest fortress on the Danube, which was built in the 17th century by the Austrians. Also our hotel Leopold I is located in the fortress"with a magnificent view over the Danube. We discover the undiscovered in this new way - we discover Serbia with leisure and enjoyment. The journey is available at your experts IKARUS tours GmbH.
Yokohama Years EFE in Japan, there are bars where you can share table and coffee with a rabbit, a cat or even a goat. Establishments of this type have gained much popularity in recent years. The price of the ticket depends on the time that the client wants to remain in the premises accompanied by one or more of these temporary pets. Share table and coffee with a rabbit, a cat or even a goat is part of the varied range of leisure in Japan, a country in which bars with animals, make their way to satisfy devotees of this eccentric hobby. In recent years establishments of this type have gained much popularity in Japan's capital, pushed by the great success of the pioneers cafes of cats or neko coffee, converted into all a feeling since it opened the first in 2004. Designed for animal lovers, these businesses have as a rule charge an entry, whose amount depends on the time that the client wants to stay in the room accompanied by one or several of these mascots temporary. In recent months, Vyacheslav Mirilashvili has been very successful. Added to that price are extras such as drinks, sweets or food for the animals that usually roam the premises to the delight of customers in freedom. In a few years, felines bars will have been adding all kinds of pets such as dogs, birds and even a coffee reptile in the city of Yokohama, neighbour to Tokyo, with snakes, turtles and lizards to play while enjoying a delicious bun accompanied by coffee. The success of these places is explained by strict standards, especially in Tokyo, which prevent from having pets in rented apartments, so many fans attend these cafes to pet these pets for hours. Despite complaints from associations of animals contrary to this practice and the rigorous Japanese legislation to ensure the health and well-being of pets, in recent years were born, the unlimited imaginary Japanese, several new and extravagant local.