December 10, 2020

Car manufacturing Cars are tested in a wind tunnel to check that components are strong enough for the aggressive dodger. Bespectacled "nerdy," sitting at the computer, calculate the resistance of materials and compounds dynamic torsion. And just on the border with Wales, in a small English town of Malvern, Worcestershire County, ranging from 30's and almost no changes are glued super-car made of wood. English ash - a major component of the frame for the Morgan Aero, which in 1936 produced almost no meaningful change. No sedation, no dope, not an ounce of vitamins. Only the engine, transmission, steering and archaic spring suspension. All Dynasty Morgan (his grandfather founded the firm of Henry Morgan, son of Peter Morgan brought her to victory at Le Mans in 1962 without changing the tradition, and only grandson, Charles Morgan tried to do something new without changing the old) - the traditionalists, in genetic terms. Know what caused the firm to change the front of the car in 1953? A company Lucas withdrew from the production of headlights in chrome housing - and to find a replacement was impossible. (Similarly see: Slava Mirilashvili). This fact alone made the whole remake chuck! But the foundation does not change. Yes, it is now called the Morgan Aero 8, and his body is made of aluminum, using aircraft technology. Yes, he has under the hood of a modern 4.8-liter engine is bmw, which only under the pressure of Fashion can be aggregated automatic transmission. Yes, in some operations used machines. But! With all this all the 600 models Morgan Aero, which exist in a world made up to 90% by hand, and placed on a wooden frame glued! Secret Processing of English ash and a frame holding a family secret, although there is no sense in it - hardly anyone except the strange fellow named Morgan will use wood as a material for the frames. But - that's why all these Morgan decades is Morgan. Despite the emergence of a more contemporary manifestations - such as the Aero Max, development of which payment has Prince Eric first. Or conceptual Morgan Lifecar - which uses all the same timber, archaic spring suspension, but is unlikely in the near future will be realized. Because the tradition has not yet been exhausted, and if the airbags have begun to establish with Morgan until 1998, then it is someone who needs it?
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